Extension Activities

National Service Scheme

This scheme enlightens the students about the environment and makes them realize their responsibility to the society. They have annual camps during which time their service in and with the people in the rural area educates the students as well as the society.

Youth Red Cross

"Care about community " YRC programme infuse in the young volunteers an awareness of their own wellness and the wellness of others. It in calculates the spirit of services and being helpful to the most vulnerable people within their local communities. Our YRC unit has been established in the year 1998 with the affiliation of TNRCS. The students are trained in disaster management, first aid, road safety, etc. YRC also organizes blood donation camps periodically on campus and donate blood whenever requested by near areas. Our students are visiting the government hospital in Tuticorin from 7.30 am to 8.45 am to assist in the "MAY I HELP YOU CENTRE"

Fine Arts Club

Academic excellence shapes the intellect but it is one's artistic talents that add sweetness and delight to one's life. Realizing this truth about life, students are given excellent opportunities to reveal their talents through various activities like classical dance, group dance, instrumental music, painting, flower arrangement, classical songs, light music, cartoon and clay modeling etc.